Aishin International Institute is...

established by Aishin international society Interchange Association of the non-profit organization (NPO) of government approval. Our purpose is to deepen an understanding between states by International exchange and to contribute to global peace. We are doing much goodwill activity within and without the country supported by many members. Aishin international institute is the Japanese language education organization established based on the soul of Aishin international society Interchange Association. We value a "true heart" more than anything, and are tackling development of the teaching methods of Japanese which is truly useful to people in the world, so we are getting the result steadily.

School Features

Different proficiencies and Small classes

The lesson is performed in the a small number of people, and according to capability system class. The teacher takes the lead and is doing the fine support of supplementary lessons, course consultation, etc. Moreover, The measure against Japanese-Language Proficiency Test is also substantial [It makes Japanese-Language Proficiency Test[N1] success the policy objective.]

Favorable environment

For a background International city Yokohama "Minatomirai21", It is the highest location of on foot 5 minutes from Sakuragicho Station, so it is convenient to attend school. Moreover, Yokohama Stadium and the Yokohama central library are also close, Institutions, such as education, culture, art, and a sport, are substantial.

Hall of residence

For foreign students in Japan, It has been a very important and difficult subject to secure comfortable and economical dormitory. For students' safe, we are preparing the dormitory for a student. There is a dormitory within limits which can attend school in 20-30 minutes from a school.

Student's life support

About the problem of a student's life, the teacher and the living guidance member are in charge of consultation. It is very much reliable, for the student who leaves a hometown distantly and leads student life in different cultural society. Moreover, about a student's health care administration, we have tied up with the medical institution of a our group organization "Aishin-kai group", so medical examination and medical treatment can be undergone in comfort.

Reliable management foundation

Aishin international institute is a Japanese-language-education organization whitch was established by Aishin international society Interchange Association of the non-profit organization (NPO) of government approval. Moreover, we are the member of organization 'Aishin-kai group' whitch is managing a home for the aged, clinic, a nursery school, etc.

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